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Clinics in Shoulder and Elbow 2017;20:115-79
Original Articles
A Randomized Comparative Study of a Standard Anterior Capsular Release versus Inferior Extended Release for the Treatment of Shoulder Stiffness
Ahmed Abdullah Alzeyadi, Yang-Soo Kim, Hyo-Jin Lee, Sung-Ryeoll Park, Gwang Young Sung, Dong-Jin Kim, Ji-Hwan Jung, Jong-Ho Kim
Clinics in Shoulder and Elbow 2017 Sep; 20(3):117-25
Correlation between Results of Preoperative Impingement Test and Clinical Outcomes after Arthroscopic Rotator Cuff Repair
Sung Bae Park, Joong Bae Seo, Jee Won Ryu, Yong Eun Shin
Clinics in Shoulder and Elbow 2017 Sep; 20(3):126-32
Serial Magnetic Resonance Imaging to Determine the Progression of Neglected Recalcitrant Rotator Cuff Tears: A Retrospective Multicenter Study
Yon-Sik Yoo, Jin-Young Park, Chang-Hyuk Choi, Nam-Su Cho, Chul-Hyun Cho, Tae-Gang Lim, Sang-Don Sim, Tae-Yon Rhie, Ho Won Lee, Jong Ho Jung, Yong-Beom Lee
Clinics in Shoulder and Elbow 2017 Sep; 20(3):133-7